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Rib Lath 069


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Brand Name,Original Place,Product Name,Advantages,RECKLI,Germany,FORMLINER,Over 250+ standard patterns Precast or Cast in Place; Reusability 100 times; Repairable; Non-Shrinkage MEP Rib-Lath is expanded metal lath, stiffened b y longitudinal 10 mm depth deep ribs at 100 mm intervals, formed in the same sheet of metal. MEP Rib-Lath is specially designed to allow flexibility in shape forming of complex structures. It is used extensively for suspending ceilings and partitions, structural encasement for fireproofing, refurbishment works, construction joints. INSTALLING: MEP Rib Lath 069 should be at right angles to steel supports, with the apex of the rib in contact with the support and every rib fastened by galvanized nails in case of timber supports, concrete nails for concrete structures, self-tapping screws for steel purling or galvanized wires for steel channels, etc. BENDING AND CUTTING: MEP Rib-Lath 069 can easily be cut into required sizes by hand shears. It also can be bent to form for different shapes according to site requirements. Should it happens that bending to right angles is required this can be attained by cutting the ribs and notched to facilitate this. CONNECTING AND JOINING: MEP Rib-Lath should be lapped at least 50 mm on the supports, then tie the ribs together by 1.50 mm galvanized wire. Should end laps come off between supports, at least the Rib Lath should be lapped about 100 mm with the ribs wired together with at least two wire ties position to each pair of overlapping areas.