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MicroFiber dielectric fiberglass insulation rolls and slabs of meat into a special compound prevents water and humidity Non Water Absorption manufactured from plant-based products industry standard TIS. 486. TIS. 487 and international standards ASTM, UL, NFPA 90A. , and the British Standards etc.
MicroFiber dielectric has been updated. And to develop special features The insulation can be prevented The penetration of water and moisture from entering the insulation with. The specialty chemicals Non Water Absorption (which is a copyleft authorization of the microfibre), making it all not insulated microfiber with water. Ensuring a lasting and stable performance of the insulator.
MicroFiber dielectric design for the building in general. Orea my office job And various wind systems With help absorb sound.
Features and benefits of the use.
Energy saving
MicroFiber The low thermal conductivity. The high thermal efficiency review. Thus helping maintain store Cooling and heating block well and efficiently,
and reduce energy costs.
Sound absorption
MicroFiber The dielectric cavitation attenuation of sound energy act and sound reduction.
Safe from fire
MicroFiber Made of glass fiber insulation, which is non-combustible materials. By international standards, ASTM E84 and BS 476 Class 0.