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color coated steel plate is usually准将基surface treatment is applied (roller coating) coating or adhesive organic film and baking products • Can deep processing into final products • overseas as "precoating steel "plastic plate.When the factory has a beautiful color or pattern, it is also called the "color coated steel."Color-coated steel in our country, "called the more popular open-coated plate or table referred to as" color plates ¨.Color layer steel is the rapid rise in recent years, the international new building materials in the continuous unit by chemical pretreatment, beginning Tu, Tu Jing refining process.Quality coating quality than a single piece of molded metal surface spraying or brushing more uniform, more stable, more desirable.Color coated steel sheet with excellent decoration to any, any molding, corrosion resistance, coating adhesion stronger • maintain long-term new color.Because color coated steel can be achieved with steel and wood efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention, good economic results into a force in today's manufacturing building materials plate reasonable grounds material.