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Angle Bead


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Angle Bead provides a straight-edge in forming an arris for plaster-work which resists chipping and cracking. Protects and reinforces the plaster at vulnerable areas and corners. The expanded metal wings provide a firm anchorage to both side of the arris. Essential on plaster column, the corners of which are particularly liable to damage both during and after building operations. CUTTING AND JOINING: It is easily cut into required length by fine tooth saw or hacksaw at the nose of the bead and the wings with tinmana's shears. To join two lengths together, a short length dowel made of galvanized wire is required to be inserted into the hallow of the bead and ensures continuity and true alignment of the nosing. FIXING: Fix the beam with plaster dabs or nails at 600 mm intervals on either side of the arris, and the wings of the bead are then pressed into plaster dabs. After the bead has been plumbed and squared the nose will determine the thickness of plaster for normal two-coat work.